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Vulgar language

Posted by cagedlion - April 27th, 2008

Persons, mostly kids of 12 years and less are using vulgar language in their reviews. Examples: fuck, screw, gay, suck, lousy, crap, shit, etc. I wonder what happens to them when they grow up, if they are harboring such hatred. I don't mind constructive criticism, but using dirty words is not reviewing but insulting another member.


I'm 14 and I use plenty of vulgar language!
I guess I should tone some of it down and say less words like "shit" and "f*ck".
I say those 2 the most!!

Hi. I'm that guy who used s*ck...
Sorry, I don't use it very much, and I'm spanish so I wasn't sure of its meaning...
And one thing about your game... I don't know why I said that the ball wasn't a basketball, if it was... Maybe I was thinking in another game...
Anyway, sorry and keep working.

i reviewd ur game and said it was crap and i was pointing out th bovious well i shouldent of used crap i should of used bad but it wasent good sorry

This is the internet, where people can express who they want to be. So the person using the language you find offensive might be a kid that is bullied constantly and wants to vent.

But sometimes it's a completely different reason.
Keep making games and you'll get better :] !

for my traduction
yo no hablo mucho ingles
i speak so-so inglish

i really just cant stand you! you think that evry one critizizing you are telling it... because there mad??? no... because what do just.... is bad... REALLY BAD! so remember this: THINK before making and COMPLETE before submitting... theyree both your errors! pathtic.

OK! You think my games are bad. But out there, there are people who think some of my games are good. It is a matter of taste. I hope one day I shall make a game which you would rate as good.

I agree.
Indeed when I was twelve, I was extremely foul-mouthed.
I'm sixteen now, I think before speaking and I don't say people's work is shit.
I explain it to them and give suggestions and keep a positive feel to it, as to make sure I'm not on the hated list.
Really it's probably their parents.
I got most of my foul mouthed antics from my mother.
Keep it up on making games, get better and you might make it up there in the big leagues.
Good luck, I hope you get many good ratings.

I never found any reason to review a game with bad words. :P People need to expand their vocabulary -.-

Practice makes perfect.

I'm in high school and, in daily speech, I'll use dirty language. However, if it is for something important, like reviewing or applying for a job. I almost got a detention for saying to a friend, "holy sh!t, that's a Fcuk1ng pr0s+1tute. ever since then, I've toned it down. I completely agree with your viewpoint, and am dreading with what happens when my own generation "inherits the earth" so to speak...